Fine Ground Pumice 100g


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Pumice Stone is a naturally occuring, non-metalic mineral, produced by volcanoes. Composed of balsamic minerals such as silicon, magnesium, oxygen and iron, Pumice Stone Power is full of essential minerals to keep your skin soft and radiant.

Our Fine Ground Pumice is produced from a single source high purity ore, simply crushed, ground and sized without any chemical additives, or in contact with any other material during processing.

This 1 1/2 grade pumice powder is carefully sieved to assure an accurate, tight particle size distribution. It is noted for its low density, excellent abrasive ability, and white colour.

Pumice Stone Powder is a fantastic exfoliant, particularly on areas with tougher skin like elbows and feet to assist in removing dead skin cells – the perfect addition to your soaps, scrubs and body exfoliants.

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