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Love Bobbie Smart Accessory Bag
Love Bobbie Boutique

Love Bobbie Smart Accessory Bag

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Love Bobbie Smart Accessory Bag is a Waterproof Accessory or Jewellery Bag With an internal Hanger and see through panels so you can hang your Accessories orJewellery and Trinkets and be able to see exactly what you are looking for. Saves time searching for your favourite ear rings, necklace or rings while keeping your everything dry, clean and safe. 

These Love bobbie Smart Bags really are our favourite bags, my mum insisted I try one, as my bathroom is was over run with my toiletries, cosmetics and makeup, not a flat surface was bare. I first tried the Love Bobbie Smart Toiletries bag and now I have one of each colour for all my toiletries, cosmetics and makeup and I have 3 of these little accessory rescue bags and yes mum was right once again, I can get ready in almost an hour now haha. 

Size:L22*H39*W2 CM

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