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Swimwear - Bikini's

Where will you be this summer? Of course hitting the beach, pool, river or lake so why not do you're summer in style with you're new Love Bobbie Bikini or One piece swimsuit. Let's face it, you are going to be spending most of you're summer in you're favourite bikini or one piece, and you want to create that gorgeous relaxed sexy summer beach look, oh and let's not kid ourselves, just one bikini or one piece is not going to get you through this summer?  

You might be into you’re into your one-pieces or your bikinis, Love Bobbie's women's swimwear has literally every style going, from cut-outs, Brazilian style bikini, bandeaus and bohemian style bikini, lace up swimwear, low back one piece, cheeky bikini and one piece bottoms, high waisted full brief bikini's and more, Love Bobbie has you covered. Grab you're favourite straw sun hat, add some sunglasses and head to the beach, pool, river or lake and soak up that much needed Vitamin D. Live your summer in style and comfort girls.

Let's face it ladies having that perfect summer beach body can be daunting but hey be proud of who you are, you have a body so get to the beach and enjoy another lap around the sun. Like seriously the perfect beach body is unimaginative, the perfect beach body would have flippers and a dorsal fin for ease of catching waves and strong powerful lobster claws for grabbing your hat & beach umbrella as it blows away. Get to the beach and float away as if you never had a care in the world, it's the best therapy and Love Bobbie is prescribing a happy fun relaxed summer for all our beautiful ladies.

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