Creating a safe and healing environment one bubble at a time.
Creating a safe and healing environment one bubble at a time.
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Fundraising for schools, clubs & community groups

Love Bobbie Soap Boutique now offers fundraising for your local school, sports club or community groups.

Have fun, raise funds selling 100% Australian owned and made soap products that are chemically free of any nasty's. All while helping us to continue protecting and caring for our Koalas in King Parrot Crt and King Parrot Reserve here in the Gold Coast Hinterland. 

All soap ingredients: Olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, soya oil, mineral colourants, essential oils.  

Planning tools, Irresistible beautiful soap and bath bomb products, free delivery and prizes for your top 3 fundraisers. 

Steps to your successful fundraiser:

1. Show your teacher, club presidents, member or parent our fundraising flyer for approval to run a fundraiser.

2. Appoint coordinators to help organise and run your fundraiser.

3. Print, email or message to distribute your flyers and order forms to parents, members, friends, club guests, teachers etc.

4. Follow up all the people you have sent your flyer out to and ask for their order with payment.

5. Consolidate all your orders into our order bulk order form and email to us at

6. We will then send you your invoice for payment which you have 14 days to pay.

7. Within 21 days we will deliver or courier your beautiful soaps and bath bombs and your 3 prizes for your top 3 fundraising winners.

8. Then sort and distribute your beautiful handmade soaps and bath bombs to your parents, members, friends, club guests, teachers etc.

9. Give out the prizes to your top 3 fundraising winners and enjoy your achievement of running a successful fundraiser while supporting our small business and helping us to protect and care for the Koalas of King Parrot Reserve.

Helpful Documents to run your own successful fundraiser:

1. Fundraising coordinator guide (PDF)

2. Parent/member flyer and order form (PDF)

3. Consolidated order form to place your order with us (PDF)