Creating a safe and healing environment one bubble at a time.
Creating a safe and healing environment one bubble at a time.
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Who is Love Bobbie Boutique?


Hi and welcome to Love Bobbie Boutique soap lovers. I would like to tell you our story and why we have created Love Bobbie handmade vegan soaps. Many years ago I bought this beautiful land the moment I have seen so many koalas, I knew I just had to protect them from developers, life threw us a few challenges with the diagnosis and death of my eldest daughter with Leukemia at a very young age, thus my passion for creating natural soaps, lotions, bath bombs, scrubs from our own garden or sourced from sustainable suppliers, completely chemical-free, that was the beginning of my soap making journey.
Life went on and yes it was and is still difficult and further challenges hit us a few years after the death of my daughter, a huge financial mistake I made and that cost me our home, this property. Now even though we no longer lived here I still continued to sneak out here and plant tallow, ironbark and ghost gum trees at all hours of the night and day for the koalas without anyone ever knowing haha.
Lucky for me I’m now back living here renting and creating soap amongst the trees I planted over a 30-year span and my much-loved koala families are healthy and breeding. Our goal is to one day purchase this beautiful koala habitat once again and ensure that it is never developed. I just couldn’t even imagine how I would feel if this ever happened.
I have been given the first option to buy this property when I can to save my koalas and yes I call them mine because they never venture off this property and I make sure no dogs or cats can ever get near my koalas, even my own dogs. So our beautiful handmade soaps from “Love Bobbie Boutique” and other products are our tools to saving this property from future development and murder of our beautiful native animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.
I always say and I believe that everything happens for a reason and just recently, not long after moving back here a massive fire was lit by the local council and it got out of control as they always do here, this fire spread through the entire reserve around this property and killed many koalas, birds, reptiles and other beautiful native animals and trees that were a few hundred years old, it has absolutely shattered my soul and has made me even more determined to protect this property. I was lucky and fortunate to be able to stop the fire spreading into this property due to my previous knowledge of how the fires have behaved here before and with the help of my son and several amazing firefighters, with their equipment and help we saved every tree and animal on this property.
The photo above is of old Mr K, he approximately 16 years old and he is a big male koala I saved from a previous fire here when he was only a baby, he has made the trees around our soap making studio his home and breakfast and dinner and breeding trees. It is always the best feeling waking up early and watching him climb and jump through the trees. I really am so blessed.
I thank you for taking the time to read our story and get to know more about our little soap company and I really do hope you enjoy our posts and photo’s and our soap.

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