Creating a safe and healing environment one bubble at a time.
Creating a safe and healing environment one bubble at a time.
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I don't like soap... ffs... PART 1 haha

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If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me. “I don't like soap" or "No I don’t use soap, it's too drying on my skin, I get rashes and reaction from soap” I wouldn't be typing this now, I would be in my bubble bath, down in the gully under the gum tree's being served cocktails but some gorgeous younger waiter haha, or just relaxing, star gazing and sharing my bathwater with the odd kangaroo, at least I wouldn't be poisoning the roo.

So here I go!

PART 1 of my little rant about soap. What really amuses me, in particular, is many of the people I have spoken to over the years of soap making tell me " I can't use soap" firstly most have never bought a quality bar of handmade soap, but back to that later.

These people also claim to care about our planet, our environment and living chemical-free, some are even vegans? Oh, the irony of life as we know it?

Oh, so you use body washes and the like because they are better for your skin? My skin needs moisturising? Body washes clean better bla bla bla. OK, fair enough, you have your reasons and they sound pretty good, don't they?

Did you know that the body washes you just bought from Coles, Woolies or even Myers are mass-produced in a factory? Yes, they are pumped out on a production line by machines, not people, they are made using detergents, yes detergents. Do you wear gloves if you wash your dishes by hand? 

oh, how we all love those chemicals in detergents, how good are they in our creeks, rivers and oceans?  I know I would kill a few roo's if they shared that water from my bathtub down in the gully under the gum trees.

Now the other undesirable ingredients in body washes, do you actually read the label? Ok, you do, wonderful, so you know what a paraben is or what polysorbates or sulfates are? 

But the best part of body washes is the packaging of these products, yes those fancy coloured plastic bottles, don't they just look great in your bathroom?

Petrochemical plastic bottles, oh you put them in your recycle bin and hope it doesn't end up contributing to landfill, well at least I hope you hope that.

Just for a moment imagine all those bottles stacked up in your house that you have purchased, just over the past 6 months, then imagine them in their true mineral oil form, now are you game enough try to imagine the drilling process and processing of those petrochemicals just to make you that fancy coloured plastic bottle that holds your prefered detergent-based body wash in.

Feels good on your skin now, doesn't it? 

Stayed tuned for more of the same, ranting and hopefully educating or at least waking a few numb minds up to a rather easy alternative life adjustment that will actually make a difference to the future of our beautiful earth, it's just a few thoughts to ponder?

Love to all, your stellar bubble maker "Mel"