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Healthy Hair and Skin Tips

Girls the three most vital things to achieve healthy hair and skin is our diets.

We need the 3 keys to healthier shinning and glowing hair and skin and these are Water H2o, Iron and Protein.  

Your hair, skin and nail cells are the fastest growing cells in your body are also the first part of your body to be affected if you don't eat right or you are suffering from deficiencies or illness.

Ladies do yourself a favour and include iron-rich foods in your diet like fish, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, leafy veggies, chickpeas and cereals.

If you want your hair to be strong you will want to include proteins in your diet that are also rich in amino acids like milk, lentils, cheese, yoghurt and quinoa.

Look after yourself ladies and your hair and nails will shine and grow so you can style, colour and experiment for years to come. Your skin will love you and you will live a life of extraordinary beauty girls.