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Soap vs Hand Sanitizer

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As a soap and sanitizer maker, I myself always prefer to wash my hands and body with a good old fashioned handmade bar of soap instead of sanitizers as I like to know the germs and viruses have actually been removed from my skin due to knowing that many germs and viruses can't be killed, so removal is my best option. Elimination of germs and viruses is what soap will do whereas sanitizers are often miss-used and are less likely to be effective in eliminating germs and viruses like Cryptosporidium, norovirus and clostridium difficile (life threatening diarrhea).

I have included this link which is very interesting in the light of the recent Covid19 Carona virus pandemic that has every country infected in under 3 months, spreading like wildfire and causing fear and economic pressure for all. 

The link below is extremely interesting and well worth reading.