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Olive Oil in Cold Pressed Soap

Soap Workshop

Olive Oil is a soap makers dream oil, it is the staple oil for many soap makers and olive oil is one of our favourite oils. Olive Oil is high in vitamins especially vitamin E and K. Vitamin E assists in regenerating cell growth and skin health, it assists in supporting our immune system as well as being effective with resisting the free radicals from food and toxins in our body. Vitamin K helps our bodies heal wounds and bruises, it can also assist with stretch marks, scars and spider veins in our skin. Olive oil also has small amounts of the following healing minerals iron, calcium, potassium and sodium.

No matter what type of olive oil you use for soap making it always makes a gorgeous mild soap with small creamy bubbles. Olive oil is said to have high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it really is a wonderful oil and can be blended with many other oils, clay's, minerals and essential oils.

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