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Coconut Oil in Cold Pressed Soap

Soap Workshop

Coconut is possibly the number one oil for cold-pressed soap makers, but when used on its own it tends to dry your skin and hair out, at Love Bobbie we believe it is best blended with Olive Oil to give your skin and hair the hydration and gentle cleaning power you are looking for. coconut oil used in making cold-pressed soap creates an abundance of large bubbles.

It is a wonderful natural vegan oil for many handmade cold-pressed soap recipes as well as lip balms, body scrubs and hair products. 

Coconut Oil is one of Mother Natures healer and soothers. Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturiser that you can use all over your body, including your face. It makes for a gentle non-toxic natural deodorant as well. 

Some of the amazing healing and soothing properties for your skin and hair; repairs cracked feet, heels, elbows and hands. Virgin coconut oil is a natural antibacterial for fighting infections, it can also help fight yeast infections and athletes foot and other fungus infections.


Coconut oil can speed up healing of cuts and abrasions and is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and when blended with particular essential oils it can be a natural non-toxic insect repellant for both humans and animals.

Coconut oil can help keep your hair healthy and clean without damaging your hair, it can actually help protect your hair in the sunlight.

 Coconut Oil is also a wonderful non-toxic household cleaner when mixed with other natural products. 



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